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How do period supplies change lives?

June 14, 2023

In Ethiopia 1 in 4 girls reports missing days of school during her period.  In some situations this can be as much as four days in every month.  This leads to poor school performance and increases the likelihood of dropping out prior to graduation.  Lack of access to menstrual supplies and clean and safe water and sanitation facilities are major contributors.  In 2021, at the request of the Women and Children’s Affairs Bureau, Ethiopia ACT began distributing pads, underwear and soap to female students at one secondary school.  1600 girls were provided with supplies on a monthly basis. As part of our commitment to evaluation and meaningful outcomes we collected data on absenteeism and exam scores on a yearly basis. Compared to the year prior to the program initiation, both outcomes showed statistically significant improvement and girls’ enrollment increased by 600 students as families learned of the program. This year we have expanded the program to cover a total of 2,468 girls.  The average yearly cost for each girl is 12 dollars and we are seeking to raise a total of 20,000 dollars to enable us to continue and grow this program.  You can help us reach our goal! On the donate page just choose Menstrual Hygiene Program from the “My donation is for” drop down menu.