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Who We Are

at our core


Who is Ethiopia ACT?

We are a multi-cultural team actively loving and caring for the most neglected of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We work to design and implement innovative and high-impact strategies that lead to measurable improvements in health, income and relationships.

Why We Exist

Ethiopia ACT began in 2002 as a project under SIM Ethiopia to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS on extremely poor families. At the peak of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, before treatment became available, few organizations cared for those sick and dying of the disease.  ACT started to meet this need, but has grown to include other public health strategies that serve the wider community, as well as educational and psychological support.


Core Values

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Compassion & Generosity

We respond generously, and with compassion, because of God’s love and generosity to us.

Family Advocate visit

All our activities are high impact and measurable.  We collect baseline, quantitative data and then measure our progress and change as needed.


We treat the people we serve with love and respect. We don’t exploit them or portray them as helpless victims needing rescue.

Meet the team

on the ground

We have an amazing team that works tirelessly for the project, regularly visiting each of our beneficiary families, ensuring every person is treated with the respect of someone created in God's image.

Meet the people who make it all possible.

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Alemu Chufamo
Mekdes Gonfa
Abebe Lobasho