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ACT started in 2002 as an HIV/AIDS project, caring for families impacted by the disease.  Today, ACT still cares for many HIV+ people, but also responds to other public health problems and diseases, like tuberculosis and cervical cancer.  ACT works to strengthen the public health system and partners closely with the health centers in the communities where we work.  ACT monitors the health of the people in the project and ensures that all of its interventions are high impact.
Every family in Ethiopia ACT is enrolled in the government's Community-Based Health Insurance program.  When the health system isn't able to provide the care needed, ACT steps in and makes sure that quality care is provided.


Individuals Receiving Healthcare Support


Families Served Since 2002


HIV+ Individuals Receiving Care


Bethlehem was forced to drop out of school with more questions than answers regarding her worsening and mysterious skin condition, but with the help of telemedicine, Bethlehem could see a light at the end of a tunnel!

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