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Restoring health and hope to the most vulnerable people in Addis Ababa.

Medicine and Health

We provide comprehensive care through home visits, medical team clinics, enrollment in Community Basic Health Insurance, financial coverage for specialized services and health system strengthening programs.


individuals currently receiving healthcare support


HIV+ beneficiaries on first line ART


HIV+ beneficiaries with undetectable viral load

Family and Youth

We prioritize children’s education by ensuring primary and secondary school enrollment and providing supplies and support to ensure success even through university.


schoolgirls receiving sanitary supplies


children currently enrolled in school


University and Vocational school graduates

Economic Development

We work to return households to financial self-sufficiency through enrollment in the formal banking system, basic income and small business grants and support for additional skills or small business training.


beneficiaries with savings accounts


households currently receiving basic income grants


small business grants distributed this year


We seek to see lives changed spiritually as well as physically. All funds donated to Ethiopia ACT are used only for development activities. We partner with other organizations; Mission to the World, SIM, and the Yemesihu Tsega Church; to provide referrals for spiritual support.

What makes

Ethiopia ACT unique?

The Overlooked and Marginalized:

ACT cares for the very sickest and poorest people in the communities we serve. These are people overlooked by others because they are often invisible and difficult to find. Many are confined to bed without family to care for them or resources to fall back on. These are the people that others drive past, step over, or never even see.

Real, Measurable Impact:

We don't assume that our strategies make a difference. We collect data so that we can measure and track and adjust so that the transformation we desire is real and provable. We use metrics like mortality and morbidity, household income, and school performance. We are committed to high-impact interventions and  are committed to constantly evaluating and improving our work.

Tailored to the Needs:

The support and care we provide is determined by the individual's needs and is never a one-size-fits-all approach. We see people as having infinite value, and that means doing our best with the available resources to meet their needs. The close relationship we build with each person makes it possible for us to tailor our activities to their needs and ensure there is real impact and change.

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