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Trauma Training

December 20, 2019

As an organization with an excellent record of and experience with working in communities heavily affected by different kinds of economic, health, and emotional difficulties, the Trauma Healing training curriculum was a perfect match to our beneficiaries’ needs. Additionally, it helped equip staff with skills to restore broken families since it provided deep insights on the subject of Trauma.

It was especially poignant for staff working directly with beneficiaries such as social workers, counselors, nurses, and the Church Planting team. As a result, a total of nine staff took the training and received certification to be assistant trainers. The training was organized and provided by Trauma Healing Institute and the American Bible Society.

The training will help the ACT staff respond professionally to the cases that they are dealing with day to day in the lives of our project beneficiaries. The ACT team is working on contextualizing the training they received to be the most beneficial in their daily operations.