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Survey: Akaki Kality

March 25, 2019

As Ethiopia ACT is working to transform the lives of hundreds in the communities of Addis Ababa, it is crucial to identify the gaps and needs of the families before taking steps to intervene. Identifying these needs helps us to track and measure the impact Ethiopia ACT will bring to the communities.

As you may have heard, Ethiopia ACT was recently asked by the government to start working in the Woreda (community) of Akaki Kality. As an organization we believe we cannot be the solution for every problem that exists in the communities we serve, but at the same time we do believe we have a lot we can contribute to see lives changed. Therefore, we want to be very critical in identifying root problems and needs of families and individuals who live in the communities where we will be working. We will also use this data to measure our work and the impact Ethiopia ACT will bring throughout the year.

As we expand to Akaki Kality, we are conducting a baseline survey which will help us to know the current status – gaps and needs – of the community so we can identify the real problem which will enable us to work toward bringing measurable impact in both the near future and long term due to our presence in the community.

I believe the survey will give Ethiopia ACT new insight and direction on its strategy and intervention as we work to a measurable and life-changing impact in the families and the wider communities of Addis Ababa.

– Danny, Communications & Donor Relations Manager