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More than uniforms

August 12, 2019

While education in Ethiopia is technically free, it unfortunately comes with a large price tag in many other ways, and one that many of our beneficiaries are unable to pay.

Ethiopia ACT steps in to provide parents and families with basic school necessities: enrollment fees, books, supplies, and school uniforms. Most often support for education comes in the form of reimbursements or direct deposit, but school uniforms are different. Every summer when school is out, each one of our supported kids comes back to the project to get measured for their school uniforms for the next academic year, and it is always a good time.

A school uniform is much more than a school uniform. It signifies a significant opportunity for a child. 

It represents a high graduation rate. 

It represents attending university.

It represents career opportunity.

It represents breaking the chain of generational poverty.

It represents providing basic needs for families through a steady income.

A school uniform isn’t just a school uniform. It’s freedom.