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Medical Story: Clinic

July 10, 2019

Ethiopia ACT hosted its most recent volunteer run medical clinic in June. A group of medical students from an organization called Medical Campus Outreach visited our project from June 3rd – 7th to host a five day medical clinic in six different communities of Addis Ababa!

This amazing team was comprised of two medical doctors, one nurse, two team leaders, one church pastor, and thirteen medical students, all of whom were excited and ready to learn on-the-field medicine in Ethiopia.

The team had an amazing experience running the community clinic. They also had the opportunity to assist in medical home visits with Ethiopia ACT’s project nurses and social workers. The presence of the MCO team was a great encouragement to our beneficiaries who were able to experience compassion and care from the members of the team.

Since MCO was such a large team, they were divided into two groups working in different parts of the community. During that time, the team was able to work in a total of six communities while collaborating with multiple churches and government health offices. Serving in these communities created a unique opportunity to share the gospel with many people while also addressing the physical needs for members of the community who were not able to reach quality medical services locally.

During this one week clinic, the team was able to administer quality medical care to 468 patients presenting with a variety of both minor and complex health problems. Each team member in partnership with Ethiopia ACT’s church planting team was given the privilege of being able to pray with many of the patients who visited the clinic. Because of this, three people from different communities made a confession of faith and were connected to local churches who have partnered with Ethiopia ACT – we are deeply thankful for this amazing news!

We are so fortunate to see firsthand the transformative work being done among “the least of these” through volunteers faithfully following the Lord’s call in their lives. Ethiopia ACT continues working hard to care for the most marginalized through addressing their physical and spiritual needs in communities of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.