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May 08, 2019


Since joining Ethiopia ACT for her health condition, Enanu Marew experienced great strides toward health and was very hopeful her life would continue changing for the better. But sadly, last June she was admitted to the hospital for GIA (Gastroenteritis) at which point she was also diagnosed with colon cancer. After a month of treatment, she suffered an acute infection which took her life.

Her son’s fate was unknown as he needed someone to care for him after his mother’s passing. Ethiopia ACT staff learned that before Enanu passed, she had contacted her son’s biological father and asked him to take and care for the child. Even though he was unaware of his son’s existence (as Enanu was a partner from long ago), Esubalew arrived and took custody of their child.

Esubalew has now become part of Ethiopia ACT as his son lives with HIV and needs the support. Ethiopia ACT staff will work closely with the father helping him to understand his son’s health and how to manage it properly. It has been so encouraging to see Esubalew step in and be united with his son!