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Environmental Sanitation

December 09, 2019

Ethiopia ACT has supported the local health bureau through many efforts. With diarrheal epidemics in the city, Ethiopia ACT once again aided the health bureau to assist in local environment sanitation efforts. 

Just two months ago, the project provided water treatment and other preventive materials for 1,000 community members who were vulnerable to the diarrheal epidemic plaguing the city. In a similar effort this quarter, the project has supported a community based home-to-home group of sanitary workers through glove and other protective material distribution for 110 individuals.

Education on the topics of health and prevention of communicable diseases was provided to community members at our project site. Ethiopia ACT hosted lectures on types of contagious diseases and their prevention mechanisms with further education on what to do when an accident occurs.

Per local government administration, Ethiopia ACT has proven to be the best community partner since the project opened the community center in the Suki neighborhood.