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Kolole’s Story

As the hardworking supporter of her family, Kolole grew up providing for her family through casual labor work. She met her husband and they moved to Addis Ababa. Kolole’s husband was a carpenter but fell from a building while he was on a job and badly injured his back. Because of the severe injury, he stopped working. Since he was the sole provider of the home, there was no income to feed the family. Both children were forced to drop out of school. Desperate, Kolole was referred to Ethiopia ACT by government officials. Upon acceptance into the program, they received food, support and education for their children. As a new beneficiary of Ethiopia ACT, Kolole and her husband are hopeful in the new beginnings for their family, restoration, and desire to be self-supporting once again.

Shitu’s Story

As a hardworking mother of three and wife, Shitu learned of Ethiopia ACT during a U.S. medical trip’s outreach in Suki. Because of her youngest daughter’s constant care needed for her neurological health and mental disability, Shitu and her husband faced discouragement and frustration in the lack of medical assistance available. Upon learning of the medical assistance available through Ethiopia ACT and acceptance into the program, Shitu and her family have experienced the life changing impact. As a family, their hope is restored knowing there is a God who loves them and people in their community who genuinely care for their medical needs of their daughter but most importantly, their spiritual needs as a family.

Tsehay’s Story

Tsehay and her family joined Ethiopia ACT two years ago after facing a difficult and almost deadly journey from malnourishment and HIV. Because of her and her husband’s sickness, they were unable to provide proper food and nourishment for their family. She was immediately accepted into the project because of her extremely weak condition and malnourished one year old daughter. Ethiopia ACT has provided regular medical care, food, house rent subsidies, and education for their daughter. Their health continues to improve. Most importantly, Tsehay and her husband have restored hope for their transformed life as they have experienced God’s love through the support of Ethiopia ACT.

Enanu’s Story

The Ethopian government referred Enanu and her four out-of-school children to Ethiopia ACT in the hopes of getting all four children back in school knowing it would be detrimental to the children to have to wait another year to be enrolled. Ethiopia ACT stepped in and pleaded to the school’s administration to allow the children entrance. They compassionately agreed to make adjustments to enroll all four children in school! The project provided all materials and fees for their education. Enanu was also provided with basic need assistance which allowed the children to go to school instead of being forced to work and earn income for the family. Enanu’s dream finally came true and all her children joined school! In her own words, Enanu joyfully reported “I am really happy my children joined school. The support of ACT was a turning point for my family. My children are very happy, and they are looking ahead toward a bright future.”

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