Tsehay: A Year in the Life

October 09, 2019

Tsehay was one of the four families we followed in 2018. Throughout the year, we gathered updates on her and her family. Take a look into a year in the life of Tsehay!

April 2018:

Tsehay and her family joined Ethiopia ACT two years ago after facing a difficult and almost deadly journey from malnourishment and HIV. Because of her and her husband’s sickness, they were unable to provide proper food and nourishment for their family. She was immediately accepted into the project because of her extremely weak condition and malnourished one year old daughter. Ethiopia ACT has provided regular medical care, food, house rent subsidies, and education for their daughter. Their health continues to improve. Most importantly, Tsehay and her husband have restored hope for their transformed life as they have experienced God’s love through the support of Ethiopia ACT.


July 2018:

Tsehay and her husband have been doing well! They were recently able to upgrade their living situation from a storehouse where they used to live and now are renting their own house with the help of rent subsidies received each month through Ethiopia Act. Their new house has easy access to water and a latrine, which is not always guaranteed in housing in Suki. She gladly reports that she has just started to feel secure in her living arrangements.

For the last two months, Tsehay’s husband has gotten treatment for his gastric problems he has had for a long time. He is now able to work a job in construction. Tsehay has learned how to take her medications properly, but her husband still struggles taking the ART medication (for HIV) on time.

Tsehay is so grateful for Ethiopia Act’s staff in re-enrolling her daughter in preschool. She is so thankful for the support she receives from the program as she has access now to healthcare and food provision. Currently, Tsehay continues washing clothes for people to earn money, but has hopes that will change in the future.


September 2018:

Tsehay and her husband are enjoying the new house they have rented thanks to the support of Ethiopia Act. Recently Tsehay has started working as a housemaid during the day enabling her to return home to her family at night. Her husband still works in construction. Tsehay’s daughter just started preschool this year – last week she picked up all her school supplies in preparation for the new school year. She is so excited about going to school for the first time!

Because Tsehay’s husband has not been taking his medication properly, their relationship has suffered. Tsehay is worried about her husband’s long term health. Ethiopia Act’s medical department is working to resolve this situation. The Project has reached out to her husband to provide counseling during this situation.


December 2018:

With mounting domestic problems, Tsehay and her husband sought counseling for their marriage. However, after many sessions, they could not resolve the problems pulling them apart, and are now divorced. Tsehay now lives alone with her daughter. Staff of Ethiopia ACT’s psychosocial department are acutely focused on Tsehay’s child because she strongly desires to live with both of her parents. Tsehay’s ex-husband visits over the weekend to see his daughter. Ethiopia ACT’s psychosocial department is closely following Tsehay and her husband’s current situation and have not given up hope on reconciliation.

Because of Ethiopia ACT’s support, their child is still enrolled and doing well in Kindergarten. Additionally, Tsehay holds a job working as a housemaid and baking Injera (a traditional Ethiopian flatbread) for people in her neighborhood to support her and her daughter.


We are hopeful for Tsehay and her husband to make peace and will continue to support this family through spiritual, emotional, and monetary support.