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Medical Story: Clinic

March 05, 2020

Ethiopia ACT hosted its second medical team of 2020. A team from Baltimore and New York came to Ethiopia to serve with us for one week.

The team was comprised of three medical doctors, two nurses, one medical student, and one pastor. This team served for five days in four different communities of Addis Ababa. During this time they were able to serve 423 patients

Ethiopia ACT received a special request from the Addis Ababa City Government Women and Children Affairs Bureau to assist them at their rehabilitation center in Addis Ababa. This juvenile rehabilitation center is the only center in all of Ethiopia where children from ages nine through eleven are able to go for rehabilitation. This was the first time Ethiopia ACT was asked to assist in providing a medical clinic for this type of center. During the first day alone 124 children were seen during the clinic. Most of these children live on the streets and therefore rarely if ever are able to receive medical care

Additionally, this week’s team was able to serve two locations within the community of Akaki Kality. It was open to both project beneficiaries and the general community and was hosted at a partner church in the neighborhood.

Since the beginning of 2020, a total of 764 patients have been seen in this community. 

We feel very blessed at this opportunity to reach more people in need through the work of our medical clinics.