About Ethiopia Act

Who We Are

We are a gospel-centered, multi-cultural team actively loving the “least of these" of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We work to reconcile people to God through Jesus Christ, and to reconcile them to themselves, others and creation—all resulting in the planting, growing and maturing of churches that in turn transform lives and communities through faithful witnesses to the Gospel.

Why We Exist

Ethiopia ACT began as a ministry to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS on extremely poor families, but has grown to include other public health strategies that serve the wider community, as well as educational and psychological support for vulnerable children.  Church planting and renewal is central to all our activities and a primary goal for our team.

Our Values

  • Generosity – We respond generously because of God’s generosity to us through the Gospel.
  • Impact – All our activities are high impact and measurable.
  • Flexibility – We regularly evaluate and revise our activities and strategies as needs and circumstances change.
  • Commitment – We devote ourselves to the communities and people God has called us to serve for the long haul.
  • Respect – We treat the people we serve with the kind of love and respect that we want. We don’t exploit them or portray them as helpless victims needing rescue.